Misiunea ASPTMR

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ASPTMR was founded in 2011 as a non-governmental organization.
The main activity is focused on patients’ needs: their representation in front of authorities. The organisation is currently developing by responding to specific needs, through ad-hoc initiatives/actions addressing their members / beneficiaries, without a strategic focus on priority areas of intervention.
Number of members increased over the last 2 years, from 12 members in 2011 to 30 members in 2014. The organization revenue was 0 in the last 2011 and 2012, in 2013 the revenue was 150 000 euros and the activity was based on volunteer work and 4 employees.
A society without tuberculosis.
APTMR through cooperation promotes and sustains the right to health care, social protection for all patients with tuberculosis and high quality education for tuberculosis eradication.


- Perseverance
- Professionalism
- Wisdom
- Transparency
- Cohesion
- Dedication, Involvment, Commitment
- Integrity