Together for Romania without TB

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     “Supporting Network for MDR-TB Patients”  -started in January 2013 and will end in September 2014
ASPTMR is Romania CCM member. The primer recipient for Global Fund is Romanian Angel Appeal, UNOPA is sub-recipient and ASPTMR is sub-sub recipient.
The main goal of the project is to obtain and maintain MDR-TB treatment adherence.
To reach this goal, project has many activities:
- it has been created a peer supporter and volunteer psychologists network. They provide by phone peer-support and psychological support to MDR-TB patients in order to obtain and maintain treatment adherence.
- MDR-TB patients are assessed in order to evaluate the treatment abandon risk. If the risk is high, the MDR-TB patient is invited to be the project beneficiary.
- all MDR-TB patients from the project receive food tickets if they are adherent to the treatment
- all MDR-TB patients from project who need psychological therapy, will be assisted in individual therapy or group therapy