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18 August 2011, No. certificate: 125/18.08.2011 Bucharest, Romania
Social center address:
Sos. Pantelimon, No. 113, Bl. 400B, Sc. 1 Ap. 125, District 2, Bucharest, Romania
Correspondence address:
Bucharest, Sos. Panduri no. 29, bl.P2A, second floor, flat no.11
- COPAC – Coalition of Organizations of Patients with Chronic Diseases in Romania) since January 2012 – www.copac.ro, contact person Tache Gheorghe, President of COPAC, phone number +40 762244821
- 21 February: ASPTMR is accepted as member of Romanian Country Coordination Mechanism (CCM), which is a multi-sector structure including representatives of the Government institutions, academic institutions, organizations of the people living with HIV/AIDS, non-governmental organizations which develop HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis programs, private sector, as well as international multilateral or bilateral donor agencies, www.ccmramania-gfatm.com, contact person Predescu Mioara, General Secretary of CCM, phone number +40 21 2017883
- STOP TB Romania, since June 2012, www.raa.ro, contact person Asandi Silvia, Executive Director of Romanian Angel Appeal Foundation, phone number +40 21 323 24 90
- Romanian Angel Appeal Foundation, since July 2012, www.raa.ro, contact person Asandi Silvia, Executive Director of Romanian Angel Appeal Foundation, phone number +40 21 323 24 90
- Romanian Red Cross since August 2012, contact person Mihaescu Victoria, Director of Programs Department, phone number +40 722257032
- Partnership with UNOPA since January 2013, contact person Iulian Petre, Executive Director of UNOPA (Uniunea nationala a persoanelor afectate de HIV/SIDA – National Union of Persons Affected by HIV/SIDA), phone number +40 740065992
ASPTMR activities:
- Psychotherapy and counseling regarding mental health conditions for MDR-TB patients and their families
- Legal advisor for MDR-TB patients and their families regarding human and patients’ rights
- Health education of MDR-TB patients and their families, counseling regarding vocational guidance, personal financial resources management, problem solving techniques.
- 5-7 March 2012 ASPTMR participated to National Forum of Patients’ Associations from Romania, event organized by The Coalition of Chronic Patients’ Organizations from Romania (C.O.P.A.C.), in partnership with Physicians’ College from Romania
- 23 March 2012 ASPTMR facilitated contact to MDR-TB patients for the reporters competitors in contest organized in 24 March, the World TB Day
- 18 April 2012 ASPTMR participated to a debate named “The Patients’ Rights and Actual Health System” organized by Physicians’ College from Romania and by The Coalition of Chronic Patients’ Organizations from Romania (C.O.P.A.C.), with participation of Ministry of Health, National House of Health Insurance, GP Society, Hospitals Administration, People Barrister
- 7 May 2012 – ASPTMR was invited from U.S. Embassy for a work meeting regarding TB problem in Romania. Contact person Lindsey Plumley, email PlumleyLM@state.gov
- 25 June 2012 ASPTMR was invited to participate to a telecast at Trinitas TV, regarding increasing awareness of general population about TB and MDR-TB problem
- 7 June 2012 – ASPTMR was invited from U.S. Embassy for a work meeting regarding a World Conference organization on MDR-TB subject.
- 25 June 2012 – ASPTMR participated to a work meeting organized by The Advisory Council for Law Project Elaboration Regarding Organization and functioning of Health System in Romania, this meeting was initiated by The Ministry of Health and took place at National Institute of Infectious Diseases “Prof. Dr. Matei Bals”, Bucharest
- 27 June 2012 – ASPTMR participated to a work meeting regarding establishing a new partnership named Stop TB Romania in order to increase the stakeholders’ awareness regarding TB problem in Romania
- 25 July 2012-ASPTMR participated on organization of press conference “Is in Your Power to Save Lives”. The press conference target was the stakeholders meaningful in TB problem.
- 2 October 2012 – ASPTMR participated to Conference of Launching the National MDR-TB Prevention and Management Program at Victoria Palace, in presence of European Commissioner for Health John Dalli and the Regional Director of WHO, Szuszanna Jakab
- 5-6 March 2013 – participated to TUBIDU training, regarding TB control, at Tallin, Estonia
- 11-13 March 2013 – participated to National Chronic Patients NGOs organised by COPAC
- 19-21 March 2013 – participated to the seminar “Coordinating Tuberculosis Control Efforts” – organized by USA Army and USA Embassy at Bucharest
- 21 May 2013 – ASPTMR participated to a meeting with Ministry of Health, meeting organized as activity of a project developed by COPAC, UNOPA and Ministry of Health;the project main objective is to create a consultation mechanism between Patients NGOs and Ministry of Health
- 13 June 2013 – participated to work meeting on occasion of Capacity Building Program Romania, which is a project developed by European Patients` Forum; COPAC and ASPTMR are assisted NGOs for capacity building
- 26 October 2013 – participated to advocacy training on Paris, training organized by TB Europe Coalition. Other colleagues participants were from Bulgaria, Macedonia, Russia, Moldova, Azerbaijan,
- 30 October 2013- 3 November 2013 – participated to advocacy activities organized in Activists Corner from International Union World Conference on Lung Health, Paris
- 27 February 2014 – participated to International Conference Restart 2014 – Health Financing from European Structural and Investments Funds (2014-2020)
- 19 March 2014 – participated to round table organized by Ministry of health in partnership with World Health Organization and European Center of Disease Control regarding TB and MDR-TB issues in Romania
- 21 March 2014 – participated to National Liberal Party group from Deputy Camera meeting regarding completing national medical drugs list with drugs from 5TH line for XDR-TB